About Me

I was born and raised in Connecticut a number of years ago but now reside in the sunny south, Florida to be specific and enjoy not having to deal with snow and ice anymore.

Who I am

This is me "The Skipper" driving the "Beach Buggy" at SYC in Groton, CT in CY200! Now that you have seen who I am please take a look through the other pages to see some photos of my history and what I'm up to today. This is not a commercial site, I'm doing it as a learning effort on my part to get a feel for developing a website as well as a place to display some of my photos. Enjoy your stay here however brief or lengthy and feel free to leave a comment.

Where I grew up

I spent my first 22 years on Elihu Island, aka Ledwards Island or Island Farm, located in Little Narragansett Bay of Stonington, Connecticut. I have many fond memories of the Island  and think of it often. This is an aerial view of the Island that was taken a number of years ago from a plane before drones became a real thing!

Comments are welcome but please be nice!


Florida, United States

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